Camlin White Board Marker Pens

Camlin White Board Marker Pens-Pack of 4 Colors

100.00  88.00 

Ink : 1 Black + 1 Blue +1 Red +1 Green

Pack of : 4 Markers

Type : Permanent Markers Dye & Refillable


Product Description

Camlin White Board Marker Pens

Ink :  ( Black , blue, Red, Green)

Pack of : 4 Markers

Camlin White Board Marker Pens

This Marker pen is easy to write and is a smooth marker with permanent dye moreover

it comes in 4 inks pack and also  it is a CE Certified as well as  it has Bright Ink for

better visibility in addition to this  the ink is non-toxic.

  • Firstly is a Anti Scrub
  • Secondly it is a UV Resistant
  • Thirdly it is a Conforms to EN-71-3and also  Non-Toxic.
  • In addition to Refillable Marker and it also has a Bullet TIP.
  • Ink can be easily recognised by cap of marker.







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