Buy Pen of Different Varieties

There are different varieties of a pen. The customer has a wide choice to buy pen

of various types in the market. Today there are very wide variety to buy pen at

different prices. In pen industry, there are major changes seen at the time to time.

Its body, ink, shape, refill and much more. From generation to generation we have

seen changes in pens industry like earlier reed pen, feather pen, quill pen, dip pen

then it changed to fountain pen after that ball pen then gel pen and the latest

roller ball pen and much more to come as expected in the future era.

Buy pen of different types as stated below:
Reed Pen:

Reed pen was founded in Ancient Egyptian sites dating from the 4th century BC.

This pen is made from one piece of bamboo or reed. It has a split nib that leads

ink to the point of a pen. Moreover, it is considered as one of the oldest types of

a pen that we use.

Space Pen:

Space pen was invented in 1966 and was used by NASA for its space flights. It’s

a particular type of ballpoint pen that has a pressurized  reservoir for ink and is

hermetically closed. This allows it to write under any angle when no gravity is

present and also under water. Moreover, it is also considered a great invention

in pen industry.

Dip Pen:

Dip pen was invented in the 19th century. It’s a pen similar to quilt but with a

metal nib and a handle. It could be mass produced very cheaply it replaced quills

for good. Moreover, it’s like quills they didn’t have a reservoir for ink and had to

be dipped in the inkwell from which they got their name. Moreover, these pens

were used for writing but are now mainly used in illustration, calligraphy and

also comics.

buy pen of different varieties

Quill Pens:.

Quill pen was invented the 6th century.It is a pen made from the flight feather

of a large bird. They replaced reed pens that were too stiff and had a short

lifespan. They also have split nib and work with the help of capillary action

and gravity. Lastly, they were one of the most important writing tools in the

Western world between 6th and 19th century.

Ruling Pen:

The Ruling pen is an ancient pen. It is similar to a dip pen, but it has two

nibs whose distance can be changed with a screw. It was used for technical

drawing in engineering and also cartography. Lastly, it is mostly used in

picture framing or calligraphy.


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